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Herbal tea mix - رندة

Herbal tea mix - رندة

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The رندة herbal tea mix bag consists of hibiscus, sage, dehydrated peppermint leaves, dehydrated lemons, dehydrated oranges, green tea, dehydrated lemon balm leaves, and dehydrated turmeric root. The hibiscus, sage, green tea, and a quantity of the dried peppermint leaves are sourced from the beautiful land of Palestine 🇵🇸 (while supplies last). The lemon balm leaves and a quantity of the peppermint leaves are hand-picked from my garden. The lemons, oranges, peppermint leaves, lemon balm leaves, and turmeric root are all hand-cut and dehydrated in a dehydrator for hours by yours truly. (Check out Sophology’s IG posts for the potential benefits of each herb.)

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